A Storytelling Takeover

By Brandon Telg and Jaron Jones Over the next week, Self Narrate, a Gainesville-based nonprofit run by two franksters, will be taking over frank’s social media presence. To kick off the week, we wanted to introduce ourselves and what we do to the frank community. Self Narrate is a nonprofit organization dedicated to personal story […]

frank2016: Remembering the Moments

frank gathering

frank2016 was about the moments. Whether it was hearing from one of our great speakers, meeting someone with similar passions or having great conversation, this year we wanted to create moments of inspiration, clarity and purpose.

We Just Built the Best frank Ever

Hard to believe, but the frank gathering will turn three this February, and it’s growing up. Read about what we have in store for frank2016.

Why We’re Building Changeville

frank gathering, street fair, bands, changeville

This year’s Changeville is just the beginning of what we hope will become a vibrant creative community among those using their art and storytelling abilities to drive change, while also creating a shared destination for those who create and appreciate this kind of work. Read more about what we are building.