We Trained 80 Scientists to Tell Stories. Here’s What Happened.

The frank academy team spent one week in June helping 80 program officers and scientists at the National Institute of Food and Agriculture (NIFA) find their stories.

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The Flint Water Crisis and the Power of Truth

flint water crisis

Jacqueline Bond, Senior Communications Coordinator for the Public Health Team at Burness, shares her experience watching Curt Guyette tell the story of how he uncovered the Flint, Michigan water crisis at frank.

How Big a Problem Is Lead Contamination in Your County?

Flint, Michigan isn’t the only place who has experienced problems with its water supply. Lead contamination is an old problem that now has new light, and it’s affecting more counties than you’d think. Here’s what we know – and what we don’t.

It’s not just Flint: Poor communities across the country live with ‘extreme’ polluters

As national attention focuses on Flint, Mich. — where lead-contaminated water flowed for over a year to a relatively poor, minority community — new research suggests that across the U.S., communities like these are more likely to be exposed to some of the most intense pollution.

There’s One Big Difference in How Democrats and Republicans Are Talking About Flint

Democratic and Republican presidential candidates have sharply diverged in their responses to the water crisis convulsing Flint, Michigan, with Democrats demanding accountability and Republicans largely silent amid the ongoing crisis — suggesting that partisan polarization extends even to the issue of poisoned water.

5 Climate Communication Studies to Get You Ready for COP21

As the COP21 Paris negotiations on the climate wind up, the world waits to see whether our leaders will take the necessary steps to prevent catastrophic climate change. Climate advocates from around the globe have been taking – and continue to take – extraordinary steps to mobilize in hopes of pressuring political leaders to do the right thing. But regardless of the outcome of the Paris talks, the work on climate change will go on.

Los Angeles considers officially ‘drought shaming’ water violators

Drought-stricken Los Angeles is weighing new ways to crack down on residents who use more than their fair share of dwindling water supplies. For the first time in many years, such water hogs could be publicly named in an official version of the increasingly familiar and social-media-driven phenomenon of “drought shaming”.


LeeAnne Walters’ four children started getting sick around November of last year. In February, the pediatrician wrote a note to the city saying that Gavin, who has a compromised immune system, couldn’t consume the water because of lead concentration.

5 Ways to Bridge the Divide Between Religion and Science

How do you bridge the divide between science and religion? Here are 5 studies that answer questions such as “why do people deny scientific evidence” to “how do you turn skeptics into believers?”