#Snowing: How Tweets Can Make Winter Driving Safer

When the snow starts to fall, hashtags like #snow and #weather start to pop up on Twitter. Experts think it might be possible to track all that data to manage traffic during storms and make winter driving a little safer.

Motor-Less City

Can Detroit’s love for bikes become big business?

How San Francisco Got More Drivers to Yield to Pedestrians

The data-driven solution was part marketing, part enforcement, and part community outreach.

How Self-Driving Cars Will Change The Economy And Society

A new report from the consulting firm McKinsey projects that self-driving cars will free up huge amounts of parking space, reduce auto accidents, and give people more time to consume TV shows, movies, and digital media.

Campaign for ‘Floating Train’ to Connect New York and Washington Gathers Pace

A private company that wants to build a magnetic-levitation train line that would link Washington with New York in about an hour, plans to begin seeking federal regulatory approval next year. But the plan is only the latest of a series of proposals to speed up train travel times and relieve road and airspace crowding in the busy Northeast Corridor, most of which have gone nowhere.