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frank Finds: What You Missed Over the Weekend

March 14, 2016   |   frank

A Winning Combination for Anti-Smoking Cigarette Labels

December 21, 2015   |   Lauren Griffin

Why Commercial Marketers Make Bad Behavior Change Marketers

November 5, 2015   |   Jeff Jordan
Indoor Smoking's Hazy Debate:

Surveys seek bar patrons’ opinions on smoking

October 2, 2015   |   NONDOC
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Subtle Tobacco Exposure:

Video games with smoking characters lack tobacco warnings

September 29, 2015   |   Reuters
Reassessing What Works:

Are graphic warning labels effective at keeping people from buying cigarettes?

August 28, 2015   |   Hopes and Fears
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Research Says Anti-smoking Campaigns Should Target Social Media

August 10, 2015   |   Lauren Griffin
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Get It, CVS!:

CVS Health Quits U.S. Chamber Over Stance on Smoking

July 8, 2015   |   The New York Times
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The Consequences of Teen Smoking:

If They’re Bored, Teen Pot Smokers May Try Other Drugs

July 1, 2015   |   Futurity
Time To Clear The Air:

‘Just Say No’ to the Gateway Theory of Pot

April 24, 2015   |   The Atlantic
Their Choice, Our Problem:

Teens Now Smoke E-Cigarettes More Than Any Other Tobacco Product

April 21, 2015   |   Pacific Standard
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Having Some Healthy Fun:

Fun Websites Can Be More Persuasive

April 15, 2015   |   Futurity