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NPR Wants To Know If It’s Possible to Measure How Much People Care

May 10, 2016   |   Sacha Evans
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frank Finds: The Power of Practice, Ego and Nonprofits

May 2, 2016   |   frank
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frank Finds: Hashtag Takeovers, Ending Sexism and 360 Degree Storytelling

April 11, 2016   |   frank
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Empathizing Technology:

Programmer Creates Post That Shows What It’s Like to Have Dyslexia

March 11, 2016   |   GOOD Magazine
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Life As A Refugee:

What It’s Like to Leave Iraq for a Life in America

March 9, 2016   |   The Atlantic
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The Power Of Reading:

Millions are about to have access to free e-books. Thanks, Obama.

March 9, 2016   |   Upworthy
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Tech Companies in Support of Apple:

Tech Rallies to Apple’s Defense, but Not Without Some Hand-Wringing

March 3, 2016   |   The New York Times
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Why Twitter's in a Slump:

The Reason Twitter’s Losing Active Users

February 18, 2016   |   Harvard Business Review

Digital Companies Need More Liberal Arts Majors

February 4, 2016   |   Harvard Business Review
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Know Your Audience:

Black Consumers Have ‘Unprecedented Impact’ in 2015

February 3, 2016   |   The Atlantic
Sales Showing Cracks:

Why the iPad Is Going Extinct

January 30, 2016   |   Digg
Journey To Empathy:

Where Virtual Reality Takes Us

January 27, 2016   |   New York Times