NPR Wants To Know If It’s Possible to Measure How Much People Care


What’s the point of journalism? That’s a question Brian Boyer has taken deeply to heart. As the Visuals Editor of NPR, he’s been hard at work for the last six months on a project called Carebot, which tracks how well news stories drive audiences to take action and aims to “change how newsrooms measure and […]

frank Finds: The Power of Practice, Ego and Nonprofits


The latest public interest communication news you need to know.

frank Finds: Hashtag Takeovers, Ending Sexism and 360 Degree Storytelling


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Programmer Creates Post That Shows What It’s Like to Have Dyslexia

As for helping dyslexic people read better, Dutch graphic designer Christian Boer (who’s dyslexic) developed a font, Dyslexie, with unique lettering to help prevent readers from confusing similar letters.

What It’s Like to Leave Iraq for a Life in America

This short film by Luisa Conlon, Hanna Miller, and Lacy Jane Roberts chronicles how Ahmed Al Kubaisi left his family behind and was resettled in the Bay Area in 2013 by the UN Refugee Agency.

Millions are about to have access to free e-books. Thanks, Obama.

The more books kids have at home, the better they’ll do in school. With this in mind, a new program is looking to make books more accessible to children and their families than ever before.

Tech Rallies to Apple’s Defense, but Not Without Some Hand-Wringing

It is a remarkable moment for the technology industry, with many different companies and organizations rallying around a single company — Apple — in a major legal case against the United States government over privacy and security.

The Reason Twitter’s Losing Active Users

This week, Twitter finally admitted that their growth has stalled – and their stock quickly followed suit.

Digital Companies Need More Liberal Arts Majors

Liberal arts skills will be even more in demand in leaders of the future.

Black Consumers Have ‘Unprecedented Impact’ in 2015

Demographic trends combined with the power of social media have collided to empower an increasingly educated, affluent, and tech-savvy black consumer base. As a result, it’s a key time for companies to make connections with black consumers.