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Could “Solutions Journalism” Be the Next Big Thing For Nonprofits?

May 19, 2016   |   Sacha Evans
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frank Finds: The Power of Practice, Ego and Nonprofits

May 2, 2016   |   frank
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Media vs. Metal:

How local media coverage is forcing Cleveland to try to finally fix its lead problem

February 12, 2016   |   Columbia Journalism Review
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Storytelling for a Cause:

Humans of New York isn’t journalism, but it helps us get beyond the headlines

October 9, 2015   |   The Conversation
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Change Is In The Details:

The Unique Danger of Implied Misinformation

September 3, 2015   |   Pacific Standard
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Measuring Media Reach:

Can We Measure Media Impact? Surveying the Field

September 3, 2015   |   Stanford Social Innovation Review
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Powerful Storytelling:

Photos: The power of community in post-Katrina Louisiana

August 31, 2015   |   PBS
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How Stories Shape Our Moods And Days:

A Great Tip For Improving Your Day: Start It By Reading ‘Transformative’ News, Researchers Find

August 19, 2015   |   The Washington Post
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Magazine Cover Inspires Conversation:

Bill Cosby and the power of #TheEmptyChair

July 30, 2015   |   Salon
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The Millennial Turn In Journalism:

Rewriting the rules: The new voice of journalism

July 29, 2015   |   Columbia Journalism Review
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Researchers Comb Over Immigration Coverage:

The Donald Trump Effect

July 14, 2015   |   Pacific Standard
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A Podcast Behind The Scenes:

Podcast Goes Behind The Scenes Of The Guardian ’s Climate Change Campaign

July 7, 2015   |   CJR