Could “Solutions Journalism” Be the Next Big Thing For Nonprofits?

solutions journalism

Sacha Evans, senior associate at DG + CO, talked with Kathryn Thier, adjunct instructor at the University of Oregon, who is wrapping up her first semester teaching one of the country’s first university courses entirely devoted to solutions journalism.

frank Finds: The Power of Practice, Ego and Nonprofits


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How local media coverage is forcing Cleveland to try to finally fix its lead problem

Two reporters realized that local media would cover childhood lead poisoning once every decade or so, and each time, a flurry of grants and plans from the city and the county would follow. Then, quiet. So they decided to take matters into their own hands.

Humans of New York isn’t journalism, but it helps us get beyond the headlines

The site has shared the stories of government clerks from Baghdad, Nepalese engineers, Afghani interpreters and Syrian waiters who left everything behind and embarked on treacherous and sometimes deadly journeys to reach safety. But the question remains: how much can readers learn about a complex, global, political issue like mass migration from a handful of stories about individual people?

The Unique Danger of Implied Misinformation

New research suggests when key facts are uncertain, leaving readers or viewers to connect the dots, it may inspire people to create their own inaccurate narratives, which are particularly resistant to later revision.

Can We Measure Media Impact? Surveying the Field

Media organizations today rely extensively on donor funding to support its work. As a consequence, these media outlets face increasing pressure to demonstrate that journalism can make a difference in the world. Donors are seeking ways to measure the impact of the media projects that they fund, and media organizations in turn are working to track the real-world effects of what they publish.

Photos: The power of community in post-Katrina Louisiana

In the Louisiana bayou, a constellation of small communities has worked over the course of a decade to piece together the remains of their homes and infrastructure. Tyrone Turner, a National Geographic photographer who grew up in New Orleans, wanted to capture a vital source of the area’s strength: the families that tie those communities together.

A Great Tip For Improving Your Day: Start It By Reading ‘Transformative’ News, Researchers Find

Research shows we’re more likely to remember an ad or want to buy a product when it’s near information that makes us feel engaged and primed for action, said journalist-turned-happiness researcher Michelle Gielan. She suggests adding a helping of ‘transformative’ journalism to our daily diet of news can shift our mindsets and make us happier.

Bill Cosby and the power of #TheEmptyChair

In the wake of the powerful NY Magazine cover image of Cosby’s accusers, women share their own stories

Rewriting the rules: The new voice of journalism

In the age of establishment newspapers and the network nightly news, journalists used to adopt “the voice of God.” However, it’s clear that digital natives communicate differently. Sixty-one percent of millennials get their news about politics and government from Facebook, according to a Pew study. They want content that feels relevant for them.