frank Finds: What You Missed Last Weekend

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The latest news worth knowing for change makers and movement builders.

frank Finds: What Happened This Week


The latest news worth knowing for change makers and movement builders.

The One Thing That Can Break Down Religious Barriers For Good

Hint: It has something to do with your neighbors.

Are Beliefs About God the Answer to Religious Conflict?

Interviews with Palestinian youth suggest that differing religious beliefs don’t always incite aggression. In fact, the findings raise the possibility that beliefs about God can mitigate bias against other groups and reduce barriers to peace.

Jefferson’s Religion Wouldn’t Fly With Today’s Voters

Thomas Jefferson wouldn’t get elected to President of the United States today. In addition to owning slaves and lacking public speaking skills, he’d still struggle in the polls due to his criticisms of organized religion, says historian Bruce J. Schulman. Why is today different?

Fear is powerful. So are doughnuts. Here’s how 1 woman is using them.

In response to some anti-Muslim rhetoric that’s been making the rounds, Mona Haydar decided to set up shop outside a Cambridge, Massachusetts, library to offer up some free coffee, doughnuts, and conversation.

Christians set out on climate ‘pilgrimage’ from London to Paris

Members of different denominations embark on a two week long march to the Paris climate change talks to raise awareness of environmental issues

The Futility of Representing Religion With a Bar Chart

It’s hard to understand faith without polling and data. But a lot can be lost in relying too much on statistics.

Building Stronger Relationships Between Environmentalists And Faith Communities

Yesterday, Pope Francis headed to the White House as part of his historic first tour to the United States. There, he urged Americans to act on climate change. Research tells us what steps environmentalists can take to build stronger relationships with faith communities.

5 Ways to Bridge the Divide Between Religion and Science

How do you bridge the divide between science and religion? Here are 5 studies that answer questions such as “why do people deny scientific evidence” to “how do you turn skeptics into believers?”