How the Black Lives Matter Movement is Using Stories and Science to Drive Change

We sat down with frank 2017 speaker Shanelle Matthews, director of communications for Black Lives Matters Global Network, and talked about the crucial role of strategic communications in the Black Lives Matter movement.

frank Finds: What to Talk About When You Talk About Going Viral

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The latest public interest communication news you need to know.

Why I Am a frank Scholar

Dr. Natalie Tindall, associate professor in the Department of Communication at Lamar University, tells us about her experience at frank (scholar), the launch of the first ever frank (scholar) project and her efforts to build a new future for public relations.

Shifting the Perspective on the Story of Slavery


AndACTION worked with Color of Change to participate in the official “Underground” live-tweet with cast members, creators and an enthusiastic audience for the the “Firefly” episode. Color of Change is a trusted and proven leader in racial justice, and AndAction were interested in seeing how they could connect the “Underground” audience to their work. Check out what happened.

frank Finds: How Science Will Save Us from Trump, Obesity and Prejudice


The latest public interest communication news you need to know.

How Perceptions About Opportunity Vary by Race

Black and white Americans have dramatically different views on whether all children have equal access to the same opportunities.

Harvard Law School’s shield honors slaveholders. That could be about to change.

Amid a bigger debate about what colleges should do about symbols and honors with roots in slavery and white supremacy, a committee of students, faculty, and staff recommended that the law school get rid of it.

Deconstructing Kendrick Lamar’s Grammys Performance

Kendrick Lamar’s performance at the Grammys has been widely described as “fiery”—a nice way to say there were pyrotechnics both of the actual and emotional sort. But there was more than fire, too. The set was obviously political; it was obviously powerful. What exactly did it say?

Black Lives Matter Partners With Reproductive Justice Groups to Fight for Black Women

“This starts by acknowledging the expertise and leadership of Black women as the agents of change in our own communities.”

How Inequality Leads to Obesity

One new study links poverty, inequality, and overeating, while a second finds childhood deprivation impacts the eating habits of young adults.