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3 Choices:

How 5 Minutes Today Will Increase Your Optimism – Your Choice

December 8, 2015   |   Forbes
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Different Minds, Different Vulnerabilities:

Men’s and Women’s Brains Appear to Age Differently

December 1, 2015   |   NY Mag
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Reducing the Stigma of Eating Disorders with the Right Message

November 23, 2015   |   Lauren Griffin
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Biology To Blame For Being Unmotivated?

Brain Structure May Be the Root of Apathy

November 17, 2015   |   Neuroscience News
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The Causes Of Increased Mortality:

Middle-Aged White Americans Are Dying of Despair

November 10, 2015   |   The Atlantic
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Movies May Lead to Understanding:

Researchers Say Watching Movies Helps You Work Your Empathy Muscle

November 3, 2015   |   YES! Magazine
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Furiously Happy:

‘Ridiculous Fun’ Helps A Blogger See Through Depression’s Darkness

November 3, 2015   |   NPR
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What Constitutes a Healthy Choice?

Breaking down better choices

November 3, 2015   |   American Psychological Association
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The Science Behind the Belief in Conspiracies:

A Psychological Profile of Conspiracy Theorists

November 2, 2015   |   Pacific Standard
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The Power of Empathy:

The Science of Compassion

November 2, 2015   |   NPR
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What Their Stories Can Tell Us:

5 celebrities share about their mental disorders, and maybe the rest of us can, too.

October 16, 2015   |   Upworthy
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Bringing Psychiatry Where There Isn't:

Mental Health Care in West Africa Is Often a Product of Luck

October 13, 2015   |   The New York Times