Playing ‘serious games,’ adults learn to solve thorny real-world problems

Research shows that elected and appointed officials, citizen advocates and corporate leaders can absorb a surprising amount of new scientific information when it is embedded in a carefully crafted role-playing game.

Inside a Salon on Wheels for the Homeless

Beauty In Transition tells the story of multimedia artist Jody Wood, who drives a mobile beauty salon around New York City providing cosmetic services to people in homeless shelters

This poster is HIV-positive. The people who read it are instantly touched.

Information truly is the cure for ignorance. That’s why each one of these posters comes with a single drop of dried blood.

Come All Ye Failures

Though we wake in fear of mediocrity, let us cease to be crippled by it.

The UK Welcomed These Refugees With Open Arms — Now They’re Paying It Forward

In Rochdale, a town in northwest England, refugees made a strong point with a show of outward kindness, filling sandbags to help mitigate the damage, the Guardian reported.

Fear is powerful. So are doughnuts. Here’s how 1 woman is using them.

In response to some anti-Muslim rhetoric that’s been making the rounds, Mona Haydar decided to set up shop outside a Cambridge, Massachusetts, library to offer up some free coffee, doughnuts, and conversation.

Movements that defined 2015

As we make resolutions for 2016, it is important that we reflect on the profound movements of 2015. This list is certainly not exhaustive, but it reminds us of the great work that has been done and inspires us for the work ahead. See our three favorite movement moments of 2015.

Five Habits of Creative People

Whether it’s getting into a routine or knowing when to give up, here are the habits creative people have cultivated.

You may suffer from ‘impostor syndrome.’ Lots of smart people with signs of high achievement do.

Sometimes it feels like you have to wait for some official entity’s permission to do the work you feel called to do.

5 PR lessons from ‘Star Wars’

As crowds gear up to see “Star Wars: The Force Awakens,” let’s reflect on PR lessons communicators can glean from the popular sci-fi franchise.