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Use This One Emotion to Change the Conversation on Immigration

January 27, 2016   |   Lauren Griffin
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Why Some People Don’t Give

January 20, 2016   |   Lauren Griffin
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Donut For Your Thoughts?

Fear is powerful. So are doughnuts. Here’s how 1 woman is using them.

January 1, 2016   |   Upworthy
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"Manhattan Project for Nonprofits":


January 1, 2016   |   Fast Company
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Gender Inclusion:

Are Women The Key To Solving Climate Change?

December 15, 2015   |   Fast Company
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Does Believing in a “Fair” System Stall Social Movements?

December 14, 2015   |   Lauren Griffin
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"What's Up With That?":

M.I.A. References Refugee Crisis In New Video For ‘Borders’

November 30, 2015   |   The Huffington Post
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Addressing Mass Incarceration:

Alicia Keys released a beautiful video to get 1 million signatures for prison reform.

November 27, 2015   |   Upworthy
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Bad Vibes: Negative Images Reduce Charitable Giving

November 25, 2015   |   Lauren Griffin
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The Key To It All:

Human biases hold key to solving both Europe’s refugee crisis and climate change

November 13, 2015   |   The Conversation
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Bridging Cultural Divides:

She Helps Migrants Build Their Lives in a New Country

November 10, 2015   |   TIME
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Battling Borders:

Along the migrant trail, pressure grows to close Europe’s open borders

November 4, 2015   |   Washington Post