Continuing the Fight for LGBT Equality: A Conversation with Anastasia Khoo


As a big player in the movement for LGBT equality, the Human Rights Campaign has used all the tools they have to stop the recent anti-LGBT bills introduced across the south. From organizing celebrities and business leaders, to leading marches in the street, HRC is on the frontline of this movement. We talked with Anastasia Khoo, chief marketing officer for HRC and the brain behind many of their famous social media campaigns about this fight and what HRC is doing to win.

frank Finds: What Happened This Week


The latest news worth knowing for change makers and movement builders.

frank Finds: What Happened this Week


The latest news worth knowing for change makers and movement builders.

How To Avoid Another Crisis Like Flint

Why in the richest country in the world were there still lead pipes delivering water to kids despite decades-old legislation against lead in water, air, and more starting in 1970? We cannot allow this to happen again.

The World-Changing Power of Single Women

A new book charts the rise of unattached women through history—and makes the case for how they can change public policy.

The Corporations Trying to Ditch Workers’ Compensation Hit a Snag

An Oklahoma commission ruled that a state law allowing companies to “opt out” of workers’ comp and write their own plans was unconstitutional while similar bills in other states lose steam.

Supreme Court Appears Sharply Divided as It Hears Texas Abortion Case

The Supreme Court appeared splintered on Wednesday during arguments in a major abortion case that could affect the lives of millions of American women.

U.S. Strikes a Blow Against Slave Labor in the Fishing Industry

This week, President Obama will sign legislation that will effectively ban imported seafood caught by forced labor, according to The New York Times. The Senate-approved amendment will close a loophole in the Tariff Act of 1930.

The world’s largest minority is speaking out. This is what they have to say.

1 in 5 people live with disabilities, but somehow the voices of disability advocacy still have yet to be heard around the world — mostly because folks aren’t aware the community exists!

Why Berlin Is Opening a Shelter for LGBTQ Refugees

Since September 2015, Berlin has classified queer refugees as a social group in need of special treatment and protection with regards to housing, therapy, and so forth, akin to pregnant women, unaccompanied children, and the disabled.