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Life As A Refugee:

What It’s Like to Leave Iraq for a Life in America

March 9, 2016   |   The Atlantic
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A New Response:

The Real Lesson of Ebola and Zika? We Need Much More Responsive Public Health Initiatives

March 7, 2016   |   Pacific Standard
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Tampon Tax No More?

Citing Gender Bias, State Lawmakers Move To Eliminate ‘Tampon Tax’

March 7, 2016   |   NPR
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Supreme Court Splintered in Crucial Court Case:

Supreme Court Appears Sharply Divided as It Hears Texas Abortion Case

March 3, 2016   |   The New York Times
Very Concerning Fashion:

As Air Worsens, New Delhi Turns to Masks. The Flashier the Better.

March 2, 2016   |   The New York Times
Fertility and The Military:

New Fertility Options for Female Soldiers

March 1, 2016   |   The Atlantic
Age is Just a Number:

One Of The World’s Top Aging Researchers Has A Pill To Keep You Feeling Young

February 22, 2016   |   Fast Company
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Did Someone Say Chocolate?

Keep Your Brain Sharp: Eat Chocolate

February 22, 2016   |   Pacific Standard

Beyoncé Announces #BeyGood Campaign to Aid Children Affected by Flint Water Crisis

February 22, 2016   |   Good Magazine
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Society and Health Together Again:

Beyond football players: The NCAA’s concussion gender gap

February 19, 2016   |   Aljazeera America
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Can This Be the Cure?

The Future of Cancer Treatment Is Here, and It’s Really Saving Lives

February 19, 2016   |   Mic
New cause of Lyme disease:

A New Culprit in Lyme Disease

February 18, 2016   |   The New York Times