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Context Matters: Ask the CDC

March 10, 2016   |   Spitfire Strategies
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Telling Women’s Stories to Drive Change: An Interview with The Goddess Project

March 8, 2016   |   Annie Neimand
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Tampon Tax No More?

Citing Gender Bias, State Lawmakers Move To Eliminate ‘Tampon Tax’

March 7, 2016   |   NPR
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Supreme Court Splintered in Crucial Court Case:

Supreme Court Appears Sharply Divided as It Hears Texas Abortion Case

March 3, 2016   |   The New York Times
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Society and Health Together Again:

Beyond football players: The NCAA’s concussion gender gap

February 19, 2016   |   Aljazeera America
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Persuasive Policy:

Want Viagra? Proposed Kentucky Law Would Require Note From Spouse

February 17, 2016   |   The New York Times
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Medical Misogyny:

Closing the Gender Gap in Medical Research

February 16, 2016   |   Pacific Standard
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Don't hate me because i'm Beautiful:

Women Are Seen More Than Heard in the News

February 11, 2016   |   Pacific Standard
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5 Black Artists Driving Change that You Need to Know

February 11, 2016   |   Jacob Burton
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Mobile Hygiene.:

Blood In The Streets: Coping with Menstruation While Homeless

February 3, 2016   |   Huffington Post
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Gender v. Diversity:

New Survey Confirms Straight White Women’s Domination of Book Publishing

February 2, 2016   |   Slate
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Time for Dads?

The military just doubled its maternity leave. But there’s still one huge problem.

February 1, 2016   |   Vox