What You See May Affect What You Eat


Research suggests you can creatively and strategically use psychology, visuals and people’s everyday surroundings to curb overeating.

Social Issues + Motion Pictures = Reel Impact


An inspiring video can enliven a campaign in progress or spark a new one. Alina Evans, account coordinator at Spitfire Strategies, shares five points to think about if your organization is considering getting behind the camera.

A Hidden Cost to Giving Kids Their Vegetables

Some commentators contend that healthy diets are too expensive. Others argue that wholesome options are affordable and that junk foods that seem cheap are hardly a good deal. But both camps overlook what most parents know well: Children are picky.

Burger King to Add Hot Dogs to the Grill

The burger chain announced on Wednesday that it was adding grilled hot dogs to its menu, looking to use the kitchen equipment it already has — its hamburgers are flame-broiled — and offer more variety on its menu.