Needle Exchanges Work—Now Let’s Bring Them to the Suburbs and Countryside

Since their inception, syringe exchange programs have played an important part in slowing the spread of HIV and hepatitis C in America. Now the need has moved out of the city and into the suburbs and country.

Do Food Stamps Really Discourage Work?

Hundreds of thousands of the poorest Americans will lose their food stamps this year. What will become of them?

More Evidence That America’s New School Lunches Work

If you build it, they will eat it. That’s the lesson from a new study on the effects of a controversial federal law requiring American public schools to serve healthier lunches. This study shows it is working.

The ‘tampon tax’ is real: These are the 40 states taxing periods.

Activist Jennifer Weiss-Wolf and Cosmopolitan have teamed up to demand legislators in 40 states drop the tampon tax. As the first to really shine a light on the tampon tax in the United States, they’re hoping that states will follow the lead of the those that have said “no” to it: Maryland, Massachusetts, Minnesota, New Jersey, and Pennsylvania.

How Urban Gardening Can Save Black Communities

Before the urban farming boom—even before Michelle Obama popularized the phenomena of “food deserts”—there was Ron Finley—a man who calls himself a “gangster gardener,” and who started urban gardening on the strip of dirt outside his home in South Los Angeles. In 2013, it was Finley who convinced the LA City Council, after years of debate, to allow fruit and vegetable plots on public parkways.

Sodium Warnings Are a Nice Idea, Which Is Why It’s Too Bad They’re Probably Useless

It sure sounds like a nice idea. Who can argue with knowing more about what’s in the food we order at restaurants? But the best available research has found no indication that healthy people should cut down on their sodium.

Wales Introduces New Opt-Out Organ Donation System

All adults in Wales will now automatically be on the organ donor register, unless they have actively decided to opt-out before they die. It is hoped that this will help to dramatically increase the number of organs available to the nearly 7,000 patients currently on the organ waiting list across the U.K.

Fat-Shaming on the London Underground

Kara Florish, an employee of the U.K.’s National Health Service, tweeted on Saturday that someone from the Overweight Haters Ltd. group had handed her a fat-shaming card while she was riding the London Underground. This, however, is NOT a way to address weight-related issues.

This diet study upends everything we thought we knew about ‘healthy’ food

If you’ve ever tried out the latest diet fad only to find yourself gaining weight and feeling awful and wondered what you were doing wrong, scientists now have an explanation for you.

Chipotle’s Food Crisis Could Strengthen The Brand

Facing its third food-related contamination crisis in three months, Chipotle is under pressure. The surprising fact is that the turmoil is giving Chipotle an opportunity – the chance to separate itself from much of its industry.