One little change in how you talk to your kids can help them be more successful.

It’s so simple, but a lot of people have no idea it’s even a thing.

This University’s Ad Is An Antidote To All Those College Protests

Using the story of Deng Adut, a child soldier, refugee and now successful lawyer, Western Sydney University brilliantly captures the incredible power of education.

This Map Shows How Student Debt Is Crushing Your Community

The main takeaway is simple and troubling: The prohibitive cost of higher education hits people of many backgrounds, in every state.

Anti-Intellectualism and the “Dumbing Down” of America

We’re creating a world of dummies. Angry dummies who feel they have the right, the authority and the need not only to comment on everything, but to make sure their voice is heard above the rest, and to drag down any opposing views through personal attacks, loud repetition and confrontation.

Thatcher tried to block ‘bad taste’ public health warnings about Aids

Newly released files show Margaret Thatcher tried to limit distribution of adverts as she feared explicit descriptions of ‘risky sex’ would harm young teenagers.

Senegalese Rappers Set the News to a Beat, and Viewership Soars

You don’t normally think of rappers as news sources, but in Senegal two prominent rap artists, Xuman and Keyti, have been rapping the news in French, Wolof (Senegal’s dominant local language), and English for the last two years. Their YouTube series, known as JT Rappé, is watched by some 45,000 viewers every week online.

Why Scientists Need to Fail

As we worry about how to improve reproducibility in science, it’s critical that we recognize the important role of failure as researchers sift through a vast set of possible hypotheses about how the world works. We shouldn’t tolerate avoidable errors or fraud, but failure is acceptable.

These Education Protests Got Results In 2015

It’s been a year of robust student protests that have effectively highlighted racial and economic inequality in both K-12 and higher education. And unlike previous years, 2015 has made it clear to students that these protests can yield results.

Trigger Warnings on College Campuses Are Nothing but Censorship

The spread of trigger warnings outside of online communities where they might actually be of use to the classrooms of our nation’s most prominent universities has diminished the value of a liberal arts education.

The New Preschool Is Crushing Kids

Today’s young children are working more, but they’re learning less.