frank Finds: Saving Lives through Strategic Communication


By Alexandra Booth, frank social media strategist We’re Coming for You, Sugar Finally You Can See How Much Added Sugar Is Hidden in Your Food The FDA has changed the requirements for nutrition labels. New updates include highlighting the calorie count and an added sugar label. Sugar can’t hide in your food anymore. Mother Jones […]

Could “Solutions Journalism” Be the Next Big Thing For Nonprofits?

solutions journalism

Sacha Evans, senior associate at DG + CO, talked with Kathryn Thier, adjunct instructor at the University of Oregon, who is wrapping up her first semester teaching one of the country’s first university courses entirely devoted to solutions journalism.

frank Playlist: Changing the Lives of Children

frank gathering

In this frank playlist, a CEO, reporter and a student share the work they are doing to transform the lives of children through play, understanding the child brain and transforming the American education system.

Have American Schoolteachers Subconsciously Absorbed Climate-Denying Dogma?

Put together by the National Center for Science Education, this survey of more than 1,500 middle school and high school science teachers is by turns heartening and disconcerting.

Millions are about to have access to free e-books. Thanks, Obama.

The more books kids have at home, the better they’ll do in school. With this in mind, a new program is looking to make books more accessible to children and their families than ever before.

A Simple Way to Spark Creativity

The conclusion of new research finds that imagining yourself as a stereotypically creative person improves one’s performance on a standard test of creative thinking.

Stump Speech: “School-to-Prison Pipeline”

clinton stump speech

In a new series, Sacha Evans, senior associate for Douglas Gould and Company, examines the language used in stump speeches on the campaign trail – how well it works, and who’s behind it.

Straight A students may not be the best innovators

We’ve learned that many academic and social experiences matter quite a bit; grades, however, do not matter as much.

There’s a Proven Link Between Effective Leadership and Getting Enough Sleep

Sleep deficiencies can undermine important forms of leadership behavior and eventually hurt financial performance. This article will explore the link between sleep and leadership before discussing solutions that can improve both individual well-being and organizational efficiency and effectiveness.

Why Elite-College Admissions Need an Overhaul

The current system for gaining entry to elite colleges discourages unique passions and deems many talented students ineligible.