Going Beyond Resonance: How Social Change Advocates Can Craft Messages That Work

How social change advocates can craft messages that work.

The Power of Fact in a ‘Post-Truth’ World

Is there room for truth in a post-truth world? Yes, if we use the best of what we know from science and strategic communication to frame it the right way.

frank Finds: After Orlando

The latest public interest communication news you need to know.

How To Avoid Another Crisis Like Flint

Why in the richest country in the world were there still lead pipes delivering water to kids despite decades-old legislation against lead in water, air, and more starting in 1970? We cannot allow this to happen again.

How Perceptions About Opportunity Vary by Race

Black and white Americans have dramatically different views on whether all children have equal access to the same opportunities.

The World-Changing Power of Single Women

A new book charts the rise of unattached women through history—and makes the case for how they can change public policy.

Why Michigan Voters Are Hungry for Change

Things are a bit better in Michigan than they were in 2008, but there’s still little hope that they will get good enough, fast enough for most of its people. That’s why the voters of Michigan are hungry for change.


A film abhorrent to the Communist Party has proved a hit in the territory.

Forget Introverts Versus Extroverts, Ambiverts Might Have An Edge In Business

People who fall in the middle of the personality spectrum have special skills to succeed.

The Trans Kids Are All Right

Or at least they can be, with their parents’ support.