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Stump Speech: “School-to-Prison Pipeline”

clinton stump speech

In a new series, Sacha Evans, senior associate for Douglas Gould and Company, examines the language used in stump speeches on the campaign trail – how well it works, and who’s behind it.

Uncovering Decades of Sexual Abuse in a Pennsylvania Diocese

On Tuesday, two days after a film about a massive Catholic sex-abuse scandal in Boston won the Academy Award for Best Picture, Pennsylvania’s attorney general released a grand jury report chronicling “staggering and sobering” accounts of sexual abuse in the Diocese of Altoona-Johnstown.

Deconstructing Kendrick Lamar’s Grammys Performance

Kendrick Lamar’s performance at the Grammys has been widely described as “fiery”—a nice way to say there were pyrotechnics both of the actual and emotional sort. But there was more than fire, too. The set was obviously political; it was obviously powerful. What exactly did it say?

The war on drugs is literally killing Mexico

The global war on drugs is killing Mexico: A new study found that violence from the drug war caused Mexico’s life expectancy to stagnate — and, in men’s cases, drop — after six decades of increases.

Improved gun buyer background checks would impede some mass shootings, Stanford expert says

Stanford Law Professor John Donohue says a background check system that was universal and effectively operated could impede gun acquisition by people who commit mass shootings.

Police Killed Nearly 1,000 Civilians in 2015

As of December 24, police officers have fatally shot 965 Americans this year, according to a Washington Post tally. Of those 965, only 564 were armed with guns; about 90 were totally unarmed.

Evidence suggests 2015 will be a record year for gun sales

In 2015, the FBI will likely process a record number of background checks for people looking to buy guns and get permits.

Why Police Need Constructive Criticism

When a police incident ends badly, it should be critically dissected to identify what contributed to that result, as is done when an officer is seriously injured or killed. The primary purpose is not to blame an officer, although poor judgment and failures to follow policy and training must be addressed, but to learn how best to avoid a similar situation in the future.

When White Girls Deal Drugs, They Walk

Inside Sarah Furay’s College Station apartment police found large amounts of Ecstasy, cocaine, marijuana, methamphetamine, and an LSD analogue. They also found packing materials and two digital scales. However, multiple news organizations ran stories focusing not on her crimes as much as her “photogenic smile.”