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The Corporations Trying to Ditch Workers’ Compensation Hit a Snag

An Oklahoma commission ruled that a state law allowing companies to “opt out” of workers’ comp and write their own plans was unconstitutional while similar bills in other states lose steam.

5 clever Super Bowl ads that had messages way bigger than football.

For many of us, Super Bowl 50’s real magic happened during the commercial breaks. Here are five especially powerful commercials that had important messages that lasted long past their air time.

Facebook Launches New Initiative Against Online Extremism And Hate Speech

Facebook’s decided to increase monitoring after the opening by Hamburg’s state prosecutors of an investigation, in November, against one of the social network’s managing directors accused of not doing enough to monitor and stop the spread of hate speech on the network.

The 5 Most Important Cause Marketing Trends of 2015

In 2015, numerous brands creatively and effectively engaged consumers with campaigns designed to build a better world…and the bottom line. Here’s the five hottest trends of the year.

How Agencies Are Meeting Millennials’ Demand for Socially Responsible Market

As Omnicom Group’s Cone Communications shows, 70 percent of millennials will spend more on brands that support causes. With this spending power, the subject of corporate social responsibility carries an unexpected level of clout.

Unilever Finds That Shrinking Its Footprint Is a Giant Task

As chief executive of Unilever, Mr. Polman has made sustainable production — of Hellmann’s, Lipton tea, Dove soap, Axe body spray and all the other products Unilever makes — the company’s top priority.

Exxon Mobil Investigated in New York Over Possible Lies on Climate

The New York attorney general has begun a sweeping investigation of Exxon Mobil to determine whether the company lied to the public about the risks of climate change or to investors about how those risks might hurt the oil business.

‘Diversity’ Is Rightly Criticized As An Empty Buzzword. So How Can We Make It Work?

These discussions of diversity in the workplace tend to begin and end with talk of sticking differently hued butts in cubicles. And Holmes, founding editor of Jezebel, says it’s often people of color who are saddled, explicitly or implicitly, with the task of rounding up all those “nontraditional” hires.

Solitary Confinement Coffee May Be the Worst Branding Idea Ever

Do prison cells sell? That seems to be the idea behind Solitary Sumatra, an organic, fair trade coffee blend sold by Jailhouse Coffee, a newish small-batch roastery in New York City. The coffee is not made by prisoners or ex-felons and the company’s only connection to incarceration is that, according to its website, “there is a ‘bighouse’ just near the roastery” in Queens.