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An Ineffective Plan?

There’s a Way to Help Inner-City Schools. Obama’s New Education Law Isn’t It.

January 12, 2016   |   Mother Jones
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A New Way To Handle Bullying:

Want to End Bullying? Get the Popular Students to Help

January 7, 2016   |   NY Mag - Science of Us
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Healthy Choices For Kids:

More Evidence That America’s New School Lunches Work

January 5, 2016   |   Pacific Standard
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World Of Dummies:

Anti-Intellectualism and the “Dumbing Down” of America

January 4, 2016   |   Psychology Today
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A New Finding:

Childhood Asthma Rates Level Off, But Racial Disparities Remain

December 29, 2015   |   NPR
Child DevelopmentGender Equality
Gendered Toys:

A simple 8-panel cartoon on toy choices for boys and girls.

December 24, 2015   |   Upworthy
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Early Education Woes:

The New Preschool Is Crushing Kids

December 21, 2015   |   The Atlantic
Child DevelopmentEducation
Social Skills to Help Society:

Learning Soft Skills In Childhood Can Prevent Harder Problems Later

December 18, 2015   |   npr
Child DevelopmentEducation
Teachers Just Don't Understand:

A boy told his teacher she can’t understand him because she’s white. Her response is on point.

December 11, 2015   |   Upworthy
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How Gender Norms Hurt Childhood:

To Be Black and Transgender in Junior High

November 24, 2015   |   The Atlantic
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Fostering Emotional Competency:

Teaching Peace in Elementary School

November 18, 2015   |   The New York Times
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Pediatricians Speak Up on Climate Change:

Children’s health ‘uniquely’ affected by climate change, pediatricians say

October 30, 2015   |   The Guardian