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frank Finds: After Orlando

June 23, 2016   |   frank
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"Ten Years":


March 8, 2016   |   The Economist

Stirring up the Riff Raff: An Interview with Alynda Segarra

February 25, 2016   |   frank
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5 Black Artists Driving Change that You Need to Know

February 11, 2016   |   Jacob Burton
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To be, or not to be?

‘Hamlet’ is depressing, but to these refugees, it was a welcome escape.

February 5, 2016   |   Upworthy
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Super Bowl 50 Show:

Coldplay and Beyoncé Hope to Match Past Spectacles at Super Bowl Halftime Show

February 4, 2016   |   The New York Times
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Stopping Gender-Based Street Harassment:

‘Stop Telling Women to Smile’

January 25, 2016   |   The Atlantic
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Short Edition:

How a City in France Got the World’s First Short-Story Vending Machines

January 25, 2016   |   The New Yorker
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Privilege Personified:

A short comic gives the simplest, most perfect explanation of privilege I’ve ever seen.

January 22, 2016   |   Upworthy

Why We’re Building Changeville

January 5, 2016   |   Ann Elizabeth Christiano
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An Impactful Mural:

Banksy reminds the world that Steve Jobs was a son of a Syrian migrant

December 15, 2015   |   Quartz
Short-Story Vending Machines:

Instead of Snacks, This Vending Machine Spits Out Short Stories

November 27, 2015   |   GOOD Magazine