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A film abhorrent to the Communist Party has proved a hit in the territory.

Stirring up the Riff Raff: An Interview with Alynda Segarra

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We had the chance to speak with Alynda Segarra of Hurray for the Riff Raff on identity politics, overcoming one’s fears and insecurities, as well as the importance of alleviating pain through art.

5 Black Artists Driving Change that You Need to Know

Art provides a unique engine for driving social change. In it’s various forms, art can foster empathy through storytelling and provide a face for various issues. From poetry to visual art to music, art can reach new audiences in ways that touch their lives, give them hope and inspire them to take action. So, here are five black artists you need to know.

‘Hamlet’ is depressing, but to these refugees, it was a welcome escape.

On Wednesday, Good Chance Calais, a nonprofit that brings music, art, and theater events to the Jungle, welcomed performers from the Globe to its stage for a production of Shakespeare’s “Hamlet.”

Coldplay and Beyoncé Hope to Match Past Spectacles at Super Bowl Halftime Show

The 50th Super Bowl takes place this weekend, with a halftime show by Coldplay featuring a guest appearance by Beyoncé.

‘Stop Telling Women to Smile’

Fed up with her own street harassment, artist Tatyana Fazlalizadeh created an ongoing public art series that actively addresses the issue. In her work, she interviews other women affected by the problem, paints their portraits, and then showcases the finished work on walls throughout the city.

How a City in France Got the World’s First Short-Story Vending Machines

The city of Grenoble, France, is testing the first models of a local startup’s short-story vending machine.

A short comic gives the simplest, most perfect explanation of privilege I’ve ever seen.

Illustrator Toby Morris did some thinking about the concept of inequality and privilege, and he found one major problem. He felt it was important to “talk about this heavy stuff in a really simple and clear way.”

Why We’re Building Changeville

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This year’s Changeville is just the beginning of what we hope will become a vibrant creative community among those using their art and storytelling abilities to drive change, while also creating a shared destination for those who create and appreciate this kind of work. Read more about what we are building.