We Just Built the Best frank Ever

Hard to believe, but the frank gathering will turn three this February, and it’s growing up. Read about what we have in store for frank2016.

Why We’re Building Changeville

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This year’s Changeville is just the beginning of what we hope will become a vibrant creative community among those using their art and storytelling abilities to drive change, while also creating a shared destination for those who create and appreciate this kind of work. Read more about what we are building.

What we don’t say enough

As we come closer to frank2016, I’m reminded of how much we have to be grateful for. In building frank, we are part of a community that allows us each to do our work better, to see greatness in those around us and emulate it, and to recognize that someone else’s excellence takes nothing from us, and is in fact an opportunity for greater enrichment.

That Moment

Next year at frank, we’ll celebrate that moment. You know the one: That moment you became so outraged you had to take action. That moment you saw the way forward. That moment you decided to speak up for someone else. That moment you believed you could make a difference. That moment you realized that you were unfit for other work. We invite you to share yours: #thatmoment.

Hello, My name is Ann and I’m Obsessive

I’ll admit it. I’m obsessive. Not about everything, but unabashedly so about things that matter.

We Made You Something

It’s been time for frank to grow for a long time.