Journal of Public Interest Communications

The Journal of Public Interest Communications (JPIC), in association with frank and the University of Florida, is currently accepting original submissions for our upcoming issues. 

When we first started frank back in 2013, our goal was to bring together researchers and practitioners using communications and strategies to move the public on issues that matter.  As we built our movement, we realized it needed an academic home.  JPIC is that—a place for researchers from across disciplines to collaborate and publish work designed to make a difference.  JPIC is an open-access, online journal published through the Public Knowledge Project and is supported by the University of Florida.

The inaugural issue of JPIC explored Public Interest Communications (PIC) from a variety of disciplines and angles.  As we work to launch subsequent issues, we believe the first issue lays the groundwork for the study of PIC and illustrates its interdisciplinary perspective.  Authors have explored issues related to public diplomacy and the social good, the role film plays in influencing our perceptions with regards to the effects of climate change, and community engagement through civic professionalism.  The journal strives to promote research that will have a positive effect on society and the communities we inhabit. 

JPIC’s approach to producing peer-reviewed research is a novel one focused on creating academically-rigorous knowledge that is useful for practitioners, activists, and other members of the public interest communications community.  The journal publishes original, peer-reviewed research, practitioner reports, campaign reviews, and commentary.  We welcome contributions from practitioners and academics alike.  Although our primary focus is expanding the empirical and theoretical underpinnings of PIC, we also seek submissions with a strong applied element.  Beginning with our second issue, we will feature a practitioner Q&A highlighting the work practitioners do related to PIC in an effort to foster a deeper understanding between academic research and practice.

For more information please contact our Editor, Dr. Brigitta Brunner at, Journal Supervisor Dr.Linda Hon,   or Dr. Kelly Chernin, the Journal Manager at  Original work can be submitted via JPIC’s website,

We look forward to your submissions and furthering the field of PIC.