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frank Finds: Saving Lives through Strategic Communication

By Alexandra Booth, frank social media strategist

We’re Coming for You, Sugar

Finally You Can See How Much Added Sugar Is Hidden in Your Food

The FDA has changed the requirements for nutrition labels. New updates include highlighting the calorie count and an added sugar label. Sugar can’t hide in your food anymore.

Mother Jones


Screamin’ Where it Counts

How Typography Can Save Your Life

Earlier this month, the National Weather Service announced that they will no longer use all caps for forecasts and warnings. Using all caps unintentionally signified an emergency that people learned to ignore. This isn’t the first time typeface has been life-changing; it has been changed on road signs and display screens in cars to make drivers safer.  

Pacific Standard


Telling Better Stories

Whose Story Are We Telling?

At the closing keynote of Stanford Review’s conference, Andrew Means, cofounder of The Impact Lab, talked about using storytelling to raise funds and motivate people. If you share emotional stories – rather than sharing data – people are more likely to give.

Stanford Social Innovation Review


Portland Bans Climate-Denying Textbooks From Its Schools

The Portland Public Schools board voted against using textbooks that don’t face the reality of climate change. This is a step in the right direction of climate change education, which is still lacking in other parts of the country. Places like New York City are adapting to include climate change in its curriculum as well.

Climate Progress


Posted on May 25, 2016

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