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frank Finds: What You Missed Last Weekend

By Aaron Zeiler, frank Social Media Director

“The process of getting the answer is in many ways more important than the answers.”- Rob Anderson, frank2016 

The Policy Dilemma

Say When

Conservatives voice their support of economic liberty and opposition to government control; however, when it comes reproductive health issues, The Atlantic argues that conservatives push for unnecessary regulations and economic barriers.

The Atlantic

Redefining Pop

NBA could move 2017 All-Star Game in wake of North Carolina LGBT Legislation

The NBA slam-dunked this week when it stood up for LGBT rights. Following the example of the NFL and NCAA, the basketball organization announced that it would consider moving the 2017 All-Star Game out of Charlotte if North Carolina keeps its anti-LGBT law.  Pop culture is an important player in social change, a player that can make a huge difference in the eye of the public.

The Washington Post


The NRA Just Added Guns to Your Favorite Childhood Fairytales to Teach Us About “Safety”

Dear NRA, you had me at safety, but you lost me big time when you handed guns to my beloved fairytale characters. While it is true that these fairytales are very GRIM, adding guns to the stories do not make them better, especially when you consider that armed minors accidentally harmed 265 victims.


The Real America

Video Campaign Urges U.S. to “See Something, Say Something” About Anti-Islam Bigotry

We all have that family member that says shockingly racist things at Thanksgiving dinner, but Anti-Islam bigotry is something that should not be tolerated in our country. Thankfully, People For the American Way’s new ad urges us to let everyone know that Anti-Islam bigotry is not the American way.


Posted on March 28, 2016

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