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frank Finds: What You Missed Over the Weekend

By Aaron Zeiler, frank Social Media Director

“Life is about abundance, purpose and meaning.” –Sheryl WuDunn, frank2015


China gives a damn about its bad reputation.

How ‘Made in China’ Got a Bad Reputation

A huge obstacle for public diplomacy is media coverage. Researchers recently tackled the issue of how American media is impacting China’s national image in the United States. If countries – or any organizations that work abroad – want to change public opinion, it is important to understand how the news influences the audience.

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Feeling feelings is good for your health.

The Social Media Cure

It is hard to express pain on a scale from zero to 10, especially if you have a chronic illness. However, communities are forming on Instagram and Tumblr where chronically ill people can share memes of their experience. Communities like these allow us to better understand the pain they are feeling.

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How to Teach Doctors Empathy

Clinical empathy – when doctors acknowledge and relate to the pain of their patients – is an essential skill when it comes to communicating health issues, but doctors frequently disregard it. The Atlantic explores the power of “Oncotalk” and other programs developed by medical programs across the U.S. This level of empathy is significant at all levels of health communications.

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What’s in a #Hashtag? 

CVS to Spend $50 Million on Antismoking Program Aimed at Youths

The goal of CVS Health is to help people achieve better health. The CVS team made this very clear when it decided to take tobacco products of the shelves. Now it is making history again as the company kicks off the #BeTheFirst campaign, seeking to create the first tobacco-free generation. Follow this multimedia campaign as CVS continues to make meaningful social change.

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Men Recite Sexist Things Women Have to Deal With at Work

To tackle institutionalized sexism, the Ad Agency TBWA launched #TakeTheLead2020. In this campaign, men read aloud quotes from women who work in the advertising industry. This is a way to illustrate the double standard that exists in the workplace.

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Posted on March 14, 2016

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